About Us

Perazzo, of Manhattan,
knows exactly what
simple means…

Specializing in Funerals, Cremations, Graveside and Memorial Services for decades.

Independently owned and located in Manhattan, since its inception, we have served the environmentally conscious, educated and practical consumer who wants cooperation in filling their needs with simpler services.

For over 100 years, Perazzo Cremation and Funeral Services was established specifically to meet the needs of those who desire affordable cremation and funeral services.

In a diverse city such as New York, Perazzo recognized and pioneered the idea of direct cremation before it was popularized.

Of the few independent funeral homes that remain, Perazzo continues to serve the wishes of individuals that prefer effortless and straightforward services. Our highly trained Manhattan staff has kept their approach consistent: surprisingly affordable cremation and funeral services, coupled with the most competent, compassionate and knowledgeable professionals, in a convenient Manhattan location.

Perazzo was years ahead of the time in its beginning. Today, it remains the primary source of cost-sensitive cremation and funeral services for the Manhattan surrounding areas. Be certain, that in your time of need, you can rely on our continued dedication to honesty, affordability, and unparalleled service.

It’s important to know who you are calling.

How can you tell if the firm you are calling is reputable? One way is to simply view the establishment, whether in person or online to see if they have a facility that appears reputable. If they’re being evasive by not showing their premises online, you will probably wonder where your loved one would be taken to? Do they emphasize, we will come to you? If so, they probably are too far away and simply don’t really serve Manhattan or they might not have a facility you likely would want to see. Even if you don’t choose additional services you want an established company that you can feel comfortable with and have peace of mind, all at a very reasonable cost. 

Perazzo Cremation and Funeral Services, located conveniently in Manhattan, is a cremation and funeral service provider that believes in very affordable pricing to match today’s challenging economy. We encourage you to view our facilities page to get a sense of the overall quality of our company. We can arrange a simple direct cremation, memorial or graveside service but have the capability, facilities and qualified staff to arrange services for the most detailed and creativity imaginable. It’s your choice.

Meet Our Funeral Directors

Price Comparison

Is the price of what you need seem reasonable? Is it what you expect, too high or too good to be true? Here’s the answer. New York State Law requires that to perform a cremation the firm must be a Registered Funeral Home. Some funeral homes that have seen their business fail make a desperate attempt to survive. Perhaps the facility has seen its better day and has not been improved in decades. Have they lowered the price of Direct Cremation to the point that is impossible to sustain a potential scandal free environment? Maybe the ownership can’t afford competent licensed help and has to go it alone. Do they take care of each cremation separately and taken to the crematory within a day or two? Are their standards beyond reproach? Most well respected, established firms in Manhattan will serve you well, but at what price? See the cost comparison chart of some other funeral establishments in Manhattan with pricing taken from their published General Price List, a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission and N.Y. State Department of Funeral Directing.

Our No Pressure Guarantee

What we quote on the phone is what you pay. When you call, we listen. You might know exactly what you want and don’t want to be hassled. You might need advice, but want someone that will explore what’s good and right for you. We are here to assist you in achieving your wishes in a way we would want to be treated. We recognize that choosing a funeral or cremation provider can be a difficult and confusing decision. There are many factors to consider. Will your needs and wishes be met? Do you know and trust the director? What is the firm’s reputation? With such a serious matter it’s wise to get all the facts before making your selection. Dedicated to doing all we can to help you cope with the loss of a loved one through a professional, understanding and compassionate response to their needs.

"The staff was very attentive to our needs and requirements especially since our needs kept changing."

Nelson M.

"They made our family and friends feel at home and cared for us more than anyone expected. Their staff took photos of all the flowers and the gift cards so I could know what I was thanking people for. This was a great help. Everyone was very courteous and professional, but also compassionate."

Benedict R.

"They reached out to the recommended florist to ensure I received excellent service. They handled every detail with class, style and understanding. This is an amazing organization that did everything perfectly and helped me significantly at a very difficult time."

Michael G.