Keepsake Urns and Keepsake Jewelry

Our keepsake urns and jewelry provide a comforting, lasting tribute for loved ones to hold near.

Keepsakes can help keep your memory closer.

Our funeral home offers a vast selection of keepsake urns from: marble, cloisonné, brass, glass, ceramic, and wood. Keepsakes, like traditional urns, vary in size, shape and material. Additionally, many of our keepsakes mirror traditional-sized urns, affording the family the opportunity to separate the cremated remains into multiple vessels. After, family or friends may wish to distribute the keepsake(s) to whomever, yet keep them all in the same style and material.

Keepsake urn samples

Many times, individuals who select cremation feel confined or obligated to secure the cremated remains into a single vessel in preparation for burial, inurnment, scattering, to simply keep at home.

In hopes to accommodate family’s wishes, our staff can assist with selecting appropriate “keepsake” urns.

We can gently remove the small portion of cremated remains needed to fill the keepsake, and still allow for the remainder to be kept in a traditional-sized urn.

In essence, the idea of the keepsake urn, provides the family, friends, or other special individuals the opportunity to hold and treasure a small portion of the deceased’s cremated remains (on a smaller, urn-scale).

Keepsake jewelry

For an elegant and enduring way to hold someone we dearly loved close, many individuals prefer our keepsake jewelry. Designed to contain a small portion of cremated remains, keepsake jewelry exudes a stylish, yet heartfelt option available in both bracelets and necklaces.

We offer a distinct selection of gold and silver, as well as, custom name, date and sentiment engraving.  Unique shapes and sizes add a deep personal touch to the jewelry piece, too.

Our funeral directors want to assist you in personalizing a piece of keepsake jewelry for yourself, family member or friend.  At your convenience, whether before or after a service, be sure to inquire.

"The staff was very attentive to our needs and requirements especially since our needs kept changing."

Nelson M.

"They made our family and friends feel at home and cared for us more than anyone expected. Their staff took photos of all the flowers and the gift cards so I could know what I was thanking people for. This was a great help. Everyone was very courteous and professional, but also compassionate."

Benedict R.

"They reached out to the recommended florist to ensure I received excellent service. They handled every detail with class, style and understanding. This is an amazing organization that did everything perfectly and helped me significantly at a very difficult time."

Michael G.