Burial Vaults

Perazzo Funeral Home provides you with the most affordable pricing.

High quality Burial Vaults for peace of mind.

Perazzo features Wilbert Burial Vaults which is the burial vault recommended by leading funeral directors across the nation, and selected by more families than any other brand.

The value of a Wilbert brand burial vault can be measured by the peace of mind that a structurally sound, finely crafted burial vault offers the family. The following is intended to give you the information needed in making your vault selection.

Basic Burial Vaults

Our basic concrete burial vaults provide strength, durability and simple, yet elegant styling.
VENETIAN Vault Photo

The Venetian®

Lasting Protection

High-strength concreteHigh-impact ABS Marbelon® liner

Classic Styling

Graceful, fluted exterior carapace

Continental Blue Vault PhotoThe Continental®

Strength and Durability

High-strength concreteStrentex® plastic liner

The Monticello Vault PhotoThe Monticello®

Simple Styling

Strength and Durability

High-strength concrete Strentex® plastic liner

Standard Burial Vaults

Our Standard Burial Vaults combine graceful beauty with high quality, durable materials.

The Bronze Triune®   The Bronze Triune Photo

Extraordinary Durability

High-strength concreteReinforced with High-impact Trilon® liner and non-rusting bronze

Lustrous Beauty

Polished bronze interior on cover and baseBronze exterior carapace and accent handles

Special emblems and personalized nameplate

The Copper Triune PhotoThe Copper Triune®

Timeless Strength

High-strength concreteReinforced with high-impact ABS Trilon® liner and corrosion resistant copper

Warmth and Beauty

Solid copper lining on cover and baseSolid copper exterior carapaceSpecial emblems and personalized nameplate

The Stainless Steel Triune PhotoThe Stainless Steel Triune®

Exceptional Durability

High-strength concreteReinforced with high-impact ABS Trilon® liner and strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel

Gleaming Beauty

Brilliant stainless steel exterior carapaceStainless steel lining on cover and baseSpecial emblems and personalized nameplate

Cameo Rose Triune PhotoThe Cameo Rose Triune®

Enduring Strength

High-strength concreteReinforced with high-impact ABS Trilon® liner and corrosion resistant copper

Graceful Beauty

Hand-painted Cameo Rose® plaqueBrushed stainless steel exterior carapaceSoft rose-tinted exteriorCameo Rose plaque and personalized nameplate

Premium Burial Vaults

Our premium burial vaults provide the best in design and durability.

Bronze PremiumThe Wilbert Bronze®

Premium Durability

Ultra high-strength concrete

Triple reinforced with bronze interior, and high-impact ABS Marbelon interior and exterior

Semi-precious bronze resists corrosion

Finest Handcrafted Design

Elegant, contemporary design

Meticulously engineered

Solid, die-cast bronze nameplate

Veterans Burial Vaults

Unique Designs that Honor America’s Veterans

As a tribute to those who serve their country in the armed forces, Wilbert has created a series of veteran products that include The Veteran™ and The Salute™ burial vaults, urn vaults, and a wide selection of cremation urns to accommodate the specific needs of all veterans. We designed these special-selection products specifically to provide the final honor and recognition to the brave men and women who have defended us, overseas and on the home front.

Veteran Vault PhotoThe Veteran Vault™


High-strength concrete

Reinforced with high-impact ABS Trilon® liner and strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel

Brushed stainless steel exterior carapace

Sculpted military branch emblem for appropriate branch of service and personalized nameplate

Standard protection

Salute Vault PhotoThe Salute Vault™

Single reinforced

High-strength concrete

Strentex® plastic liner

Specially designed Salute Plaque

Basic protection

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