Additional Forms & Documents

Our funeral directors will assist you with these forms and documents.

Downloadable funeral and cremation forms.

Completing the forms on this page, depending on your needs, will help make the process of making cremation or funeral arrangements more streamlined. One of our funeral directors will guide you through this process.

General forms

The following forms are for general information purposes or are used as checklists for gathering information about your loved one.

Many cremation and funeral services require forms to be submitted to city and state officials. With that in mind, most of the forms require physical signatures from next of kin and witnesses. However, you may print them out or pre-fill most of the form, print them, then sign them.

Vital Statistics Form

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Right to Control Disposition (PDF)

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Cremation forms

The following forms are for families or individuals who are choosing cremation as the form of disposition.

Customer Designation of Intentions of Disposition of Cremains (PDF)

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Application for Cremation Permit Form

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Control Disposition of Remains (PDF)

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Authorization for Cremation and Disposition

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Additional forms and documents services

Our directors will help you obtain, fill out and file forms for insurance, pensions, social security, union and veteran benefits etc. These matters are always handled in strict confidence. An in house notary public is provided for your convenience.

Assignment of Proceeds of Insurance (PDF)

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We welcome your call. If you need help filling out a form, feel free to contact us at 1-212-777-7108.

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